The biggest cruising rip offs

Your cruise fare is paid in full. Your plane tickets home were purchased months ago. Your wallet, cash and credit cards are stowed away somewhere in your belongings, never to be seen again until your journey’s end. And with the words “all-inclusive” playing on a soothing, holiday-themed loop in your head, you step on board your cruise ship and leave behind all your trivial worries, like money or budgets.

The riskiest countries to visit

Most travellers have fallen ill or been injured overseas at some point, but how badly or well things turn out can depend on the type of healthcare available in the country.

How to access money when travelling

Between the different cards and the different fees, deciding how to access your money overseas can be overwhelming. Here's some advice to give you a hand.

Preventing pain on the plane

The holiday season is upon us, which for some means jetting off around the world for a well-earned break.

How to get a room upgrade

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to get free upgrades, while you’re stuck with the budget accommodation you booked?

Seven Jedi mind tricks to help you haggle like a pro anywhere in the world

Haggling for goods and souvenirs is one of the joys of traveling. Whether you’re buying spices and silk in India, rugs in Morocco, or towels in Turkey, market culture is part of the experience, and you want the best goods for the best price. If you're an expert bargainer or a newbie, these seven Jedi mind tricks from negotiating guru and Black Swan CEO Chris Voss will up your bargaining game and get you the price you want.