Pushing the bounds of what it means to be a hostel, a “poshtel” company in London is offering lodgings inside a 17th century mansion that’s been visited by the likes of Charles Dickens and combines bunk beds with 40-inch plasma TVs, modern décor, and swanky-looking furniture.

With the Australian ski season just around the corner, a growing number of Aussies are choosing to ski in their own backyards rather than abroad. Thredbo sees approximately 700,000 hitting its powdery snow fields each year, whilst Victoria’s Mt Buller can regularly host over 10,000 skiers or boarders on any given day.

Travelling business class might seem to be beyond the ordinary punter but using frequent flyer points to upgrade on a short hop can be worthwhile.

What do you see when you view the world in a mirror? Is everything the same, or does it take on a different form? Aside from an obvious reversal, the changed perspective allows you to see everyday objects in a new light. For me, it’s the same way when I visit a new city or country.

Conceived and built by Diamond Developers, Dubai - Sustainable City is being touted as a low-carbon emission zone in Dubailand.

An environmental watchdog has analysed water qualities in more than 21,000 beaches, rivers and lakes across Europe. Here's what they found.

Every single time I board a plane for a long-haul flight, I know I will catch a cold on board. It happens pretty much without fail. And no amount of Vitamin C, echinacea, or hand sanitiser seems to do the trick.