I’ve just been on a date with a hot-blooded 29-year-old. Her name was Lanna. We'd only just been introduced, but we had an instant connection. We trekked through the dense northern jungle for what seemed like hours, stopping only occasionally to pull down a tree branch or nibble a few stalks of freshly snatched bamboo.

We always hear stories about people getting married in Las Vegas, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to facilitate these unions? We visited the Graceland Wedding Chapel in downtown Las Vegas and spoke with owner and Elvis impersonator Brendan Paul who shared some outrageous stories from weddings over the years. We also chatted with general manager Brandon Reed, who confirmed that because the chapel’s been around since 1947, there’s no shortage of interesting stories.

With 1,500km of white beaches, an intriguing Viking history and superb Nordic cuisine, North Jutland makes for a fascinating European break.