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  1. The 'zoo of the future'

    Paris Zoo has reopened after a six-year revamp that seeks to change the way humans
    see wild animals. See more

    The 'zoo of the future'
  2. Must-sees in the 'Marvelous City'

    Known for its spectacular scenery and incredible party vibe, Rio de Janeiro is a city
    like no other. See more

    Must-sees in the 'Marvelous City'
  3. There's something fishy about Norway

    Norse legends and fishermen's tales abound at Norway's rugged and mountainous
    Lofoten Islands. Read more

    There's something fishy about Norway
  4. Paradise, for a limited time only

    Phu Quoc needs to be seen to be believed, but you better do it quickly because it's
    on the cusp of change. See more

    Paradise, for a limited time only

New Zealand Destinations

  • Dunedin


    Dunedin's architecture and planning reflects its strong Scottish heritage, but this...

  • Taupo


    In the northeast corner of Lake Taupo, the town of Taupo is surrounded by the volcanic...

  • Rotorua


    This culturally rich city lies at the heart of NZ's geothermal centre, with hot water...

  • Wellington


    Despite its reputation for chilly winds, Wellington can seduce the most cynical visitor...

Global Destinations

  • Thailand


    A vast and diverse tropical land, Thailand is comprised of picture perfect beaches,...

  • Canada


    With vast wilderness areas of startling beauty, cosmopolitan cities that consistently top...

  • Singapore


    Located off southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a small country on a small...

  • Mexico


    Mexico, with such amazing history and contrasting sights, is every traveller’s...

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